After getting my degree in Land Surveying in 1985, I worked several years as a draftsman and CAD Operator in an architectural studio. In 1994 I decided to give music, my biggest passion, a chance, and I moved to England where I eventually set up a recording studio. In 1998 I also obtained a degree in Music Technology from the Manchester City College. I came back to Italy in 1999 and after about a year I started offering translation services to local companies who distributed musical instruments. I haven’t looked back since, translating countless manuals for brands like Korg, Yamaha, Alesis, Gibson, Vox, Rode, Audio Technica etc (via agencies). In the last few years I have expanded my expertise in the fields of Real Estate (I am a Surveyor, after all!), Sports and Marketing and Subtitling. I have written original contents for one of the biggest real estate company and also (on behalf of Enveritas Group, an american agency) contents for Google Maps. My interests are wide and I count on increasing even more my working fields in the very near future.

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